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Drishtic provides Vision Analytics platform utilizing cloud and intelligent edge devices technologies. This platform enables customer to derive more value from their existing video cameras. The first release of this platform is focused on traditional retail stores analytics though it is extensible to new scenarios. This solution can be easily integrated with customers’ existing enterprise software (e.g. ERP system) and Point of Sale systems. Intelligence edge using modified open source models and Drishtic internal developments provides customers with better insights of their retail store performance at a lower costs.


Drishtic provides a comprehensive, machine learning powered solution to automate vision analytics from existing IP or CCTV cameras. Our first solution is focused on solving the needs of traditional retail store.

Drishtic Vision Analytics Platform comprises of the hardware and software components. This platform takes advantages of innovations from our partners Microsoft and Nvidia.

It extensively uses Azure Cloud Services and Nvidia edge devices to provide the solution. Key feature includes:
  • Object Identification - Identifies person (e.g. staff and customers) and other objects in the store
  • Facial Recognition - Real time demographics, emotions, and repeat customers based on anonymized data
  • Analytics - Derive patterns, actionable insights and summarization of the video feed to drive business decisions such as heat map, dwell time, queue length etc.

This platform is capable of supporting new scenarios such as smart parking, security and surveillance, anomaly detection and compliance in factories etc.

Retail Analytics

The landscape of traditional retail is experiencing a seismic shift. A rapidly evolving competitive environment, a global move towards digital shopping, and the ever-changing sentiments of highly informed buyers are forcing a new perspective in the industry. This competitive situation is forcing traditional retailers to innovate and adopt accelerated analytics, robotics, and deep learning.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in retail spans every aspect of the industry, e.g. supply chain, use existing data to increase conversion, or customize shopping experiences with predictive modeling and micro-targeting/pricing.

At Drishtic we are focused on improving the intelligence at each retail store by leveraging the data from Video cameras already deployed in the stores. We provide solution to target the following scenarios –

  • Footfall counting
  • Heatmap and Path Analytics
  • Dwell Time
  • Customer Demographics

What We Do

Dhrishtic is focused on delivering vision solution to our customer. We are a product company that focuses on commercialization of vision technologies. We focus our expertise on entire value chain of the vision technology – from camera to end user experience. To execute on our goals, we partner with leading hardware and software providers to build the solution. Our team works with open source and leading platform vendors to commercialize innovations.

Who we are

We are technologist focused on creating solutions that allows our customers to take benefit from latest technical innovations. We apply these innovative technologies to our customers’ business challenges while taking advantage of their existing infrastructure investments. Our focus is to enable customer to take advantage of innovative vision technologies and apply them to business needs.